Business Process Management
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Excerpts from ABPMP BPM CBOK
BPM and BPI – Differences
BPM - Management Discipline and Technologies
Measurement and process performance
BPM and Organizational Commitment
BPM Planning, strategy and Analysis
Design and modeling of business processes
Types of processes in an organization
Process implementation
The BPM lifecycle
BPM – Key Concepts
Processes versus function (work end-to-end)
BPM News
Why do BPM projects fail?
Don’t Stop Believing In BPM
Change Management – a Must-Have for BPM
Are you a BPM Startup?
In Search Of Bpm Excellence:
BPM Planning, strategy and Analysis

In this model, the BPM life cycle begins with the development of a plan and a strategy directed to processes for the organization. The plan starts by an understanding of the Organization's goals and strategies designed to ensure a compelling value proposition to customers. The plan provides a framework for targeting and ongoing management of customer-centric processes. Establishes the Foundation for a holistic approach to BPM to ensure alignment with organizational strategy and the integration of strategy, people, processes and systems throughout their functional boundaries. This phase establishes the strategy and the targeting of BPM process. Also identifies appropriate organizational roles and responsibilities of executive sponsorship, BPM, goals, expectations of performance metrics and methodologies. If you expect significant manufacturing activities may occur, are considered strategic in organizational changes.

Business processes analysis incorporates numerous methodologies in order to understand the current organizational processes in the context of desired goals and objectives. The analysis assimilates information from strategic plans, process models, performance measurements, changes in the external environment and other factors, in order to fully understand the business processes within the scope of the Organization as a whole.

- Excerpt from ABPMP BPM CBOK Version 2.0

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