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Welcome your views to Business Process Monitoring?
As it sounds, it is about monitoring processes using analytics. BP Monitoring involves keeping track of performance of processes in terms of time, cost and quality. Every process cycle has defined SLAs, based on which process efficiency can be measured. But for this, establishing a versatile analytics in the organization is the key. These analytics should provide rich reports, dashboards, balance scorecards etc. at click of a mouse. In monitoring, three aspects become important. One is Functional Monitoring. Second is Process Monitoring and third is Technical Monitoring.

Functional monitoring:

This should help management team to analyze the core functional performance of a process, as per KRA’s and KPIs laid down. For example if it is an Underwriting process, one of the ideal KRAs should be the time taken for each underwriting. In this case, the reports should indicate what is the average underwriting time being taken, number of tasks above the set target, number of tasks below the target etc.

Process monitoring:

This part of the monitoring is usually to assess the health of the process in terms of average process cycle time, number of processes terminated prematurely, number of process errors, average cost of the process cycle etc.

Technical Monitoring:

To keep monitoring the technical efficiency of an application is always mandatory. It takes a little more effort to keep a tab on the response-times, down-times, processing errors etc.

- Written by Chandrasekhar PS, a Certified Process Professional from BP Group

Synergy has been helping many clients implement BPM from last six years, whether it be a core process or support processes. Synergy carries over 200,000 manhours of BPM implementation. Synergy has been supporting clients in the entire BPM life cycle right from identifying right BPM software or tools, developing process models, Analysis of As-Is processes, Designing the new processes, Business Process Monitoring and implementing new BPM applications. In effect, Synergy has witnessed clients benefiting from drastic process improvements.

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