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In Organizations there is no single task that you can do on your own in strictest terms. Markets are getting globalized, social media is at it's best connecting people across the world and Organizations are looking flatter. Yes looking flatter but not really because if organizations have to deliver efficiently, Communication channels need to become seamless; If made seamless, workforce should be able to collaborate more easily. Email has become a convenient dump yard for any kind of activity. In that heap, we all know how complex it is searching for any document for review or approval or simply track an MOM of a particular meeting or to pull a project update etc.

To enable collaboration, at first there need to be a right structure and process in place.

IntraKonnect solves that problem exactly. It's a single window for an employee to access any colleague or file or chat rooms or even other intranet applications or external sites. Teams can come closer to collaborate effortlessly.