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Synergy Computer Solutions Introduces Unified Enrollment Plan (UEP) for Health Plan Payer Organizations

New Solution Eases and Expedites Enrollment Data Input and Other Tasks-

July 19, 2011 – (Bingham Farms, MI) -- Today’s web-enabled software for health plan administration can automate enrollment & claims processing, manage provider networks, manage government health plan processes and more. As a result, health plan members are getting better service than ever before. But administrators of these systems know that behind-the-scenes, there are still problems associated with enrollment processes like data input, scattered and hard-to-find data, difficulty setting up groups, and more. Problems like these lead to downtime, and time and money lost.

In response, a leading Healthcare Industry Professional Services Firm, Synergy Computer Solutions, has developed an innovative solution called “UEP” (Unified Enrollment Process) to handle all types of enrollment data files with little or no manual intervention. UEP works in tandem with standard Health Plan Administration software to eliminate problems and bottlenecks, improve the flow of information, and make enrollment processes easier to manage.

Helpful new features and functions provided by UEP will boost the power and reliability of health plan administration software -- to improve the service provided to members.

Some of the key benefits to the UEP solution include:

  • Simplified, automated process that limits the amount of manual labor needed to process data
  • A process that consolidates all enrollment activity, keeping everything in one place
  • Highly configurable for pre-processing enrollment data
  • Facilitates an easy way to set-up new groups – length of time is typically 2 -5 days rather then weeks with some existing processes
  • The solution is built with off the shelf products; BizTalk, IIS, SQL Server and .Net
  • UEP is HIPAA Compliant

Users of UEP have saved countless hours of doing tedious administrative work related to data input, finding data and setting up groups. Insurance companies who integrate UEP with their present health plan administration software are finding that it pays for itself in a very short period of time, and requires minimal customization to operate with the present system.

More About Synergy Computer Solutions, Inc….

Synergy Computer Solutions, Inc., (“Synergy”) is a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)…… expert at providing information technology consulting, outsourced solutions, and strategic staffing.

Since 1995, Synergy has been providing quality professional services to address diverse business challenges facing organizations throughout the United States and across the globe. Synergy solutions are designed to address challenges and goals specific to each client by bringing the business and technical expertise needed to minimize risk and implement world class solutions for success.

Synergy’s healthcare practice has delivered highly effective solutions to hospitals, health industry manufacturers, insurers and other healthcare industry organizations.

Synergy’s functional and technical consultants have the kind of healthcare industry expertise required to help its clients solve problems, improve processes and services, save time and money, and compete more effectively.

If you would like to see a demo of Synergy’s new Unified Enrollment Plan (UEP) application, please call to make an appointment: 1-877-411-7274.