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Automated Testing Reports


For a Solar panel manufacturer, solar panels need to pass environmental tests to prove their long-term performance and resistance to temperature and humidity extremes. Each Environmental Chamber Designed for Solar Panel Testing is meant for testing temperature or humidity or dust etc.


The client could not have an effective control of the temperature or humidity levels of the chambers. The drop or raise in temperature or humidity had to be monitored manually.


Tests and Measurement engineering team needs an automated system to monitor the environmental Chambers. This system should be updated on a timely basis and should be intelligent enough to send out notifications to group of users based on defined threshold criteria.


Synergy developed an application for monitoring these chambers. It provides a dashboard that displays a list of chambers in a site and the status of each chamber. The visual tool could indicate the status of each chamber by displaying a red, yellow or green light. Environmental data is stored in some database. On detecting any drop or raise in temperature or humidity, Email alert will be sent to all the users related to the activity. On detecting a recurring drop or raise of temp or humidity over an hour, the escalation email will be sent to the management, automatically.

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