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Document Change Management


Customer’s internal portal had rich set of documents pertained to their business and operations. As the result of growing number of documents it was becoming tedious for them to authorize, manage and track those documents.


Customer requirement was to have an automated process application which takes the submitted document through the approval process by the authorized personnel. Also the part of requirement was that once the document is approved the application should organize the documents in the repository.

Synergy developed solution for this by developing application named FSDocs. The application routes the Submitted document to the Change Control Board for their Approval and then to FSDocs Approvers for their Approval. Based on the category of the document FSDocs application uploads it to the Approved document library in SharePoint.

FSDocs categorizes its service into three types

  • New Document Request: This takes the new document through the approval process and uploads it in to the Approved Documents Library.
  • Change Request: This takes an already approved document through the approval process to review the modifications and then upload the latest document to Approved Documents Library.
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  • Obsolete Request: If any of the approved documents has to be retired then Obsolete Request on that document will be submitted. This goes through the approval process and once approved the document will be moved from Approved Documents Library to Obsolete Documents library and thus marks the document as obsolete.

FSDocs is an extensively used application in customers place and it is live since 4 years. It has standardized the document maintenance in the customer’s organization and has tremendously improved their control over ever growing documents. FSDocs also laid foundation to its sister application EPCDocs which went on to be used by the customer’s subsidiary organizations.


Synergy developed solution for this by developing application named FSDocs.

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