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Spare Parts Purchase Management


One of the Synergy’s customers being from the manufacturing industry had a lot of equipment purchases as part of their business. It was a tedious work for them to track the availability of the equipments in the stock, track the vendors of the equipment and get the approval for the equipment. The entire process was manual including adding the equipment details to the Microsoft Dynamics.


The main objective of the customer was to make the entire process automated by building an application and also interface with the other systems to transact the data. They wanted a system to be in place which monitors the acquiring of the Spare Part equipments and eliminate manual processes and human errors.


Synergy built an application called Spare Part Request interfacing with customer’s Web Services and Microsoft Dynamics. Customer had all their equipment, manufacturer and vendor details in Microsoft Dynamics. The application provided the interface for the user to search for the equipments manufacturers and vendors providing the equipments with their details from Microsoft Dynamics. Spare Part application also provided them the ability to add new manufacturers and vendors. It was also intelligent enough to send the request if the equipment doesn’t exist in the Dynamics. Here are some of the other important features of Spare Part Request application.

  • Population of the Stocking Information for each site
  • Estimating the Price of the equipment for each site based on different criteria
  • Calculating the total estimated value for the equipment based on different criteria
  • Getting the approval for the equipment by Engineer, Maintenance Manager, Scope of Authority, Purchasing, Local Buyer and Maintenance Admin
  • Dashboard view of the status of the request
  • Addition of the equipment into Microsoft Dynamics of each site after the approval

This application reduced a lot of manual effort, human errors in raising Spare Part request for right equipment and human errors in calculation of the prices. This also helped them in setting up a strong process in place and tracking the equipments and requests.

Synergy has been helping many clients implement BPM from last six years, whether it be a core process or support processes. Synergy carries over 200,000 manhours of BPM implementation. Synergy has been supporting clients in the entire BPM life cycle right from identifying right BPM software or tools, developing process models, Analysis of As-Is processes, Designing the new processes, Business Process Monitoring and implementing new BPM applications. In effect, Synergy has witnessed clients benefiting from drastic process improvements.