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Does Knowledge Management help Innovation in an organization?

No and YES. If Innovation has to thrive, it needs fresh minds or minds that can think fresh. KM certainly helps lessons learnt and hard code old ways of doing things. It can only help avoid duplication largely NOT build Innovation directly. Yes, It can provide a support to a community for avoiding possible common pitfalls in their regular functions through knowledge-sharing by peers, on the path of Innovation.

Paul McDowall

Senior Knowledge and Change Management Advisor at Know How Works

Hi Chandrasekhar. Does it help innovation, or CAN it help innovation? The trite answer is 'it depends'. In fact, IMHO, that's the correct answer too. It depends on the business need. If the real need is for innovation, then the KM initiative needs to address it. The KM initiative will not be successful if it doesn't address the real business need. Will KM always help innovation? No, not necessarily. It may help innovation in a secondary or indirect fashion even if it's not directly targetted to an innovation need but there's no guarantee of that.

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