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MIS Change Request


Customer could not have any control on MIS change requests or track the changes done. Conventionally, approvals for any change requests used to take longer time as it involved several layers of decision makers.


Customer requirement was to automate the process for submitting MIS Change Requests, and provide easily manageable and auditable approval-process. MIS Change Request application was developed which automated the process of submission of Change Requests. This should help customer in following two ways.

  • Business Process Automation which increases the efficiency.
  • Maintaining the Process data in one central place which helps in management decisions and audits.


Synergy developed this solution. As per this, The person who requests (Requester) for the application changes is assigned an Analyst. The Analyst gets the request and analyzes the changes, assigns it to the Developers and Testers. Developer Implements the changes. Tester will test the changes made by the Developers. Once it passes testing, Promoter moves the changes to live environment.

The system by itself will move from one level of approval to another based on the response from the user and also notifies the assigned task for each actor at each level. At the end of the process, the entire data of the process will be stored in the SharePoint list which will act as the management and auditing data of the approval process.

Synergy has been helping many clients implement BPM from last six years, whether it be a core process or support processes. Synergy carries over 200,000 manhours of BPM implementation. Synergy has been supporting clients in the entire BPM life cycle right from identifying right BPM software or tools, developing process models, Analysis of As-Is processes, Designing the new processes, Business Process Monitoring and implementing new BPM applications. In effect, Synergy has witnessed clients benefiting from drastic process improvements.