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Preventive and Corrective Actions Management


Even though customer had a process to identify the preventive and corrective action for the identified problem, there was no proper tracking process and was very complex to audit or follow up with members based on status of actions. Since the process was manual there was difficulty in identifying the action to be a preventive action or corrective action and track its implementation. Also they didn’t have a proper repository where they can refer some of the completed Preventive / Corrective actions.


Customer’s requirement was to have an automated application which takes the input from the submitter and decide if the action is a preventive or corrective action and route the action to appropriate personnel for approval based on the type of action.


Synergy developed an application called PCAR which takes the necessary data from the Submitter and routes it for Approval as defined in the process. The approval process is defined on the following criteria

  • Action is a Preventive or Corrective action.
  • Plan is a Long Term plan or Short Term plan.

Once the plan and actions are laid out, the application assigns the task to the assignee to implement the solution. Once assignee finishes the implementation, application takes the implementation to the Submitter for verification. After the verification the PCAR will be added to the SharePoint library which serves as a reference and auditable data.

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