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Production Monitoring and Control


The client could not have a source to know or monitor the status of any production processes in the plant at any given point of time. They want to identify the constraint process that prevents from achieving the planned / defined production targets / goals.


The objective of this exercise is to develop 2 dashboards, first dashboard for displaying all the plants across the globe with the respective production status and another dashboard that portrays the layout of the specific plant with all processes indicating the status of manufacturing process. It also provides admin section where the admin can set the goal values for individual process of the plant.


Synergy provided a solution by developing an application based on Theory of Constraints, the application is TOC Information System (TOCIS), the client’s management can now monitor the operational activities and status of any processes in the plant at any given point of time. The dashboard shows status of any individual process in red, green and yellow colors; red being below the target, green being above the target and yellow being as per plan.

By developing and implementing the TOCIS, it will provide the information needed to accelerate Continuous Improvement through the identification and elimination of process constraints, maximize throughput by identifying and reducing variation in flow, and to compare the performance of different lines to one another.

Synergy has been helping many clients implement BPM from last six years, whether it be a core process or support processes. Synergy carries over 200,000 manhours of BPM implementation. Synergy has been supporting clients in the entire BPM life cycle right from identifying right BPM software or tools, developing process models, Analysis of As-Is processes, Designing the new processes, Business Process Monitoring and implementing new BPM applications. In effect, Synergy has witnessed clients benefiting from drastic process improvements.