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Remote Inventory Tracking and Management


Our Client is a solar company where they manufacture solar panels, which generate solar power. Inventory department receives the panels from various sources like the production line, customer returns etc. As soon as it reaches this department it is updated in inventory database and moved through various testing and measurement stations. The various tests and measurements performed and results are keyed in the another application, manually.


Current method for placing panels into the inventory involves hand-keying of panel Ids one at a time into the applications. All the panels should reach at a position/desk where they can feed details in repository. This is time-consuming and error-prone. Large numbers of panels may be received at once, increasing the time required and chance of error. It is also not possible to tell where a particular panel is physically located at any given time.


The objective of this exercise is to develop an application that can be installed in mobile device which the operational users can carry across the plant, which reads/scans data and it should work in/out of network. When in network, It reads/scans the barcode and updates the data to central repository; when out of network, it stores the data in local database and uploads it to central repository, later when it is in network.


Synergy provided an application which helps the client to:

  • Update the inventory database
  • Track the panel’s status by displaying the location where it is in.
  • Roam across the floor, as this is mobile application the users can roam on the floor carrying the device and can feed the data where they like to be.
  • Scan the data by reading barcode (as the device is also equipped with scanner. The data could be any thing like Panel Ids, CartId or BoxId or type of test the panel is going through with and update the central repository with details about the panel.
  • Works well in the network or out of network, as the users carry device in the plant at some time they may be out of network situation (as it uses wireless hub) at that point the application stores data in to local device database then later when reached in network same can be uploaded/updated to central repository.
  • Print the barcode from printer, when in network, as some times the Panel or box cart may have scratched the barcode. The barcode needs to be printed and glued to the panel.

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