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Which BPMS?

There are many BPM Suites in the market. It is rather a challenge to select the right one. What companies prefer, depends on what suits their immediate business needs and also their business vision. There are quite few cases where the companies have adopted some BPMS but soon after realized company have outgrown it. It is very difficult to define the blueprint for this purpose because it is a complex decision involving many dimensions like environmental, functional, commercial and technical. Rather, we shall delve on the categories of BPMS available in the market. That should give a brief overview.

These BPMS can be categorized into three.

One set of BPMS which are just for developing process models without workflows. These kind cannot be called BPMS, strictly speaking from our purview of discussion.

Second set of BPMS are the ones which can help build workflows but would be basic ones without any additional features like analytics. Sometimes we can find some of them clubbed with ECM features too. These are usually priced in the lower end of the market spectrum.

Third set of the ones which provide all what the above provide and additionally provide persona based modeling, well developed analytics, case management features, Enterprise Architecture features etc. These are usually called visionaries and leaders in the magic quadrants of Gartner report.

Even before one starts scouting for right BPMS, it is advisable to ask oneself what are the process goals and vision for the organization. That would drive the selection process. But some of the questions like the following would at least enable you to select the category of BPMS.

1. Do we want to get our processes merely automated, which otherwise are affecting the company’s performance significantly?
2. Do we want to adopt BPM in a holistic way, which involves establishing right environment for process management?
3. Do we want both of the above?

- Written by Chandrasekhar PS, a Certified Process Professional from BP Group

Synergy has been helping many clients implement BPM from last six years, whether it be a core process or support processes. Synergy carries over 200,000 manhours of BPM implementation. Synergy has been supporting clients in the entire BPM life cycle right from identifying right BPM software or tools, developing process models, Analysis of As-Is processes, Designing the new processes, Business Process Monitoring and implementing new BPM applications. In effect, Synergy has witnessed clients benefiting from drastic process improvements.

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